Last night I was lucky enough to find a watering hole with both Old Blowhard and Rhetoric from Diageo. You may recall earlier in the month I wrote about Barterhouse. Old Blowhard has come and gone and from what I understand will not resurface. Rhetoric will have several releases and this first is a 20 year release. Old Blowhard was interesting with oak, coconut, vanilla, char and a strong burn post consumption, but I certainly would be disappointed if I had spent $75 on a fifth of it. That coconut character was off-putting to me and the post consumption burn just didn’t cut it. Barterhouse was much better and as I mentioned I thought it was overpriced.

Move forward to Rhetoric which has a $100 tag in most liquor stores. To me it was all sherry, all the time and just didn’t cut it. For $100 I could buy five bottles of Buffalo Trace or three bottles of Four Roses Single Barrel. I’m not sure I’d want to pay $30 for a bottle of it. It just lacked depth and character and was kinda boring. At least Old Blowhard and Barterhouse were not boring. Life’s too short for boring. So my $0.02 on the Diageo Orphan Barrel series thus far is skip it unless you find it on sale. It is certainly nice to be able to sample some 20+ year-old Bourbon’s, but somewhere in the back of my head I remember 20 years ago was only 1994 so it ain’t that old. 😉