Last night we went to a restaurant and my wife asked that I suggest a beer she would like and I came up with a big old goose egg. The beers they had listed by style were mostly macro and the locals were not something she really loves. There were some which were interesting, but only names were given and since they were slightly obscure locals it would have taken an involved Untappd session to figure out the styles for each beer. With names like Moravian Rhapsody, Blatherskite and Big Squeeze I am sure I could have figured it out, but my suggestion for restaurants with beer lists would be to add the style to the name or some idea of the style to make it easier for guests to decide. If you’re in the mood for a Witbier and nothing on the menu indicates the style the best you can do is guess. Even better would be a short description, but I would settle for just the style being listed. Help a brother out!