When they first came out I snagged a Verscarry and later I won one on their Facebook page. At first I was enamored by the lack of weight and bulk, but when I put my Ruger SR9C on it the immediate thing I noticed were the slide serrations catch on clothing. It is not a fault of the Versacarry directly, but in a way it is. A smooth slide would not catch, but a serrated slide might and you would not have those concerns in a normal leather or kydex holster. The other thing which I find potentially dangerous is the lack of a trigger cover on the old models and a one side trigger cover on the new ones. I really believe anything you can do to keep fingers and clothing outside the trigger guard is a positive. That may make you believe I don’t think the Versacarry is a worthwhile product. I never said anything close to that. I think with the right firearm it might be just the ticket. Using the Ruger LCP as our discussion point the LCP has such a strong trigger pull it is almost impossible to pull it without actually wanting to pull the trigger. The slide is rather smooth and so I believe it would be a good candidate for a Versacarry. Another good one would be a Radom P64. The P64 has a smooth slide and the trigger pull double action is a monster even with the springs replaced. It would work very well with a Versacarry. Another reason to have one would be to have less bulk from a standard holster. It is kinda nice to clip it to the pocket on some cargo shorts. So like all holsters this one certainly has a place, you simply have to decide if it is right for you.