Back in September I posted a Wishlist. Then in March I updated the list. I got to thinking about it today and some things on my list have been procured while others are still elusive due to either price or scarcity. Currently my list looks like:

  • SAA – .44-40
  • Uberti Buntline – .44-40
  • 1873 Winchester replica – .44-40
  • Ruger Red Label – 12 gauge
  • Benelli Ethos – 12 gauge
  • Rossi Rio Grande – .410

What I find interesting about the list is only two firearms on it are handguns and both are in .44-40. The SAA comes in many replica variants and I just haven’t found the one I want. The Buntline is a ridiculous pistol with an 18″ barrel. I saw one on GunBroker and thought it would relist for less, but it never came back. Since then that may be the only one I have seen.

Lately I’ve been on the lookout for an 1873 Winchester in .44-40. I like the case hardened look and thus far have only seen a few which appeal. There have been a few where the appearance wasn’t what I was after and I let them go. It is a wishlist after all so I can be choosy.

The last three are firearms I definitely do not need. A Ruger Red Label is a thing of beauty and the Benelli Ethos is a fine-looking shotgun. Both are more money than I care to spend so the chances of adding them to the safe are slim. the Rossi Rio Grande is affordable, but again, something I really don’t need. If I find one for a song I might sing, but otherwise paying full boat is out.

So there you have it, the current wish list. I’m sure something else will pop up and catch my eye, but currently that’s what I’m after. What’s on your Wishlist?