If you’ve paid attention to the blog you know I am a Ruger Fanboy. You may have missed the snippet on my least favorite Ruger offering, the LC9. In truth what I don’t like about the LC9 is the position of the safety. It just doesn’t work for me to take drop it into the fire position with my thumb without repositioning the firearm in my hand. I’ve seen others who say it is perfect for them, but for me it just doesn’t cut it. If I had bought it outright instead of using my NRA Instructor credentials I’d sell it and say good riddance.

News this week broke about the Ruger LC9s. At first I didn’t see the difference, but upon closer inspection the pistol is striker fired instead of hammer fired. It’s still a single stack 9mm and uses the same magazines as the standard LC9, but has the same slide safety as well as a trigger safety. I suspect that safety on the slide would be something I would continue to despise, but you never know. If the safety was a little easier to drop off and into the fire position it might just make this on a winner especially considering the MSRP is the same as the standard LC9. The trigger pull on the standard LC9 was enough to make you pause to be sure you really wanted to pull that trigger. Not as tough as the LCP, but much less than the SR9C. I suspect the LC9s will be similar to the SR9C and many people, myself included, like that trigger. The thing I do like about the LC9 is the firearm is thing because it is single stack. It does have a bit of weight at 17.2 ounces so it doesn’t seem as light in the pocket as the LCP which is 9.4 ounces, but with an IWB holster it is a cinch to conceal. Ruger typically doesn’t release firearms before their time, so I expect this one is fully tested and ready to roll and will not become another Remington R51. Once I see it in the store the first thing I want to do is drop that safety and see if it is same old same old or something new. If it’s the same then it will be a pistol that just won’t work for me, however you might find it to be your cup of tea.