The other night at a watering hole I spied a bottle of Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye on the top of their wine dispenser. All “the good stuff” was lurking up there waiting for someone like me to walk through the door and purchase a glass. I’d seen some of the reviews about this particular whiskey, but had not found it to bring a bottle home and introduce it to the family so I asked the barkeep to pour me a glass. Thomas Handy has been dubbed Best Rye Whisky for both the US and the world so I expected nothing short of perfection. With that level in mind I must say I was slightly disappointed at the level of heat, but the flavor was pretty darn awesome. It was sandalwood and cedar spice with a wonderful bit of caramel toffee thrown in for good measure. In truth I probably needed to throw in a single ice-cube to tame the beast, or a smidge of water, but this was a tasty beverage. I’ve not seen a bottle hanging out anywhere and probably want with our NC liquor store setup. I might locate one by drifting across the line to SC, but who knows. If you do see this out and about and rye whiskey is your cup of tea, be sure to give this one a whirl. You may want to have a little ice or water handy to tame the fire, but otherwise a fine glass of rye whiskey.