We have a new team member in training and last night I started him on the path to craft beer excellence by introducing him to the myriad of aromas and flavors that are craft beer. He indicated in college he did not have the funds to enjoy much craft beer and so Blue Moon and Sweetwater 420 were about as adventurous as he ever got. I decided to start him off on training wheels with the Mother Earth Weeping Willow Witbier, but followed that up with Noda Coco Loco and finally hit him with Big Boss High Roller. Time will tell if I’ve created a monster or not, but he was ready for that fourth beer when I told him I needed to call it a night. I hope I taught the 22-year-old tot at least a few things about beer and it will at least whet his appetite for more craft beers in the future.

PS: Don’t give beer to babies or in the US those under 21. šŸ˜‰