Over the weekend I hit a trio of Wicked Weed bottled selections which were all quite tasty, but in need of a kick in the pants IMO. Serenity was the best of the bunch which stands to reason since it won a 2013 GABF Gold Medal. Bretticent was the second best and just seemed light to me. The standout should have been Black Angel, but the beer seemed as if it was a shadow of what could have been and watery as if water was added to stretch the batch. The price of admission for the 500 ml bottles varied from affordable to a little high. As a newer brewery they are putting out some great things, but I’m not sure I’m going to drop the coin in the future for a bottle without seeing some stellar reviews.

I do enjoy the brewpub, but they have so many rules which seem to change at the drop of a hat I generally try to hit someplace else when in Asheville. I’ll have to make a note to sometime detail all the rules I and others have run into at Wicked Weed. I’m not sure if they are under the microscope of the NCABC or if they just like to mess with customers. It’s borderline ridiculous. Anyway, if you see the bottles out and about you may find they are right up your alley. However, if you are a fan of sour and Brett ale I’d suggest you give them a while to mature.