I saw someone post in a forum their pet peeve is people writing the word Palate incorrectly. I ran into this the other day when looking at a blog. People often misspell it as pallet – which is typically made of wood and carries cargo, or palette – which is something an artist uses to mix paints, or even pallette – which is a misspelling of palette. So try to use Palate correctly to identify what happens in your mouth, as in, the beer was harsh on my palate, or the beer had mid-palate bitterness, or whatever. I often use it to describe what I sense and where I sense it even though those sensations may be occurring on my tongue and not my palate. I’m typically not too much of a stickler for spelling unless the word begins to mean something totally different and in this case a little misspelling puts you in a different world. So use the word Palate and use it well!