Just a quick note today. I posted recently about how to carry a firearm on an airplane. Yesterday I was going through security and did not have a firearm, but the TSA agent stopped to tell me to take my laptop out of the case. I have a special laptop case which allows me to keep it secure and it goes through the scanner without removing it, the pocket is designed for the TSA scan. I explained to him that was not necessary and quickly another TSA agent came over and told him I was correct and to let it pass through the scanner. My suggestion is if you are doing something which might cause a question like flying with a firearm to print out the rules on the TSA website and carry them with you when you get to the airport. The same may be true if the laws change regarding anything you are doing in your state. I know in the past immediately after a law change I have suggested to students to carry a copy of the laws in case they were questioned until the law enforcement agency has time to come up to speed on the changes.