I must admit I was excited when I first saw the Remington R51 and wrote about it in January. It had a cool appearance which was a little retro and almost like something from Star Trek. Then a few weeks later it became apparent the size was much larger than stated, and to me this made the pistol much less attractive. The beauty of it was a single stack about the size of a LC9, but in reality it was much bigger. By April I had seen enough negative reviews on the internet to know this was not a winner. I recently saw a post on a forum where someone sent their gun in to Remington and they told them they did not have a fix for it and refunded their money for the purchase. I think that is admirable to do, but it makes me wonder what the longevity of this pistol really is. If you check the Remington website you can find the R51 tucked into marketing literature, but good luck trying to find a link on any of the pages of the main site or the handgun site for the firearm. In reality it never was easy to locate on those pages in the first place, but now it really seems to be MIA.

I suspect the gun is quietly going to disappear while they either retool or scrap it. My gut tells me Remington thought they had a winner with this one, but found some kinks in it just before Shot Show and so they only allowed a few select firearms to be handled and reviewed hoping they could fix the issues in the design prior to the release of the firearm. Some marketing executive probably pushed for the premature release so they did not lose momentum. Then the firearm reached the hot little hands of anxious customers and they soon figured out several of the firearms just were not up to snuff and sent them back to Remington for repairs. Currently there is no recall notice on the Remington website and one may never be posted. I’m not sure how many R51 they produced and delivered, but it may be a small enough number to be handled through customer service as opposed to a recall. One thing is for certain the gun which held so much promise is now looking like a turd in need of a polish. Maybe someone from Remington will visit my blog and straighten out my understanding and thought process regarding the R51. I really wanted this one to be a winner, but it appears to be mostly DOA.

TFB photo showing another failure of the R51.