Some time back I purchased a bottle of 100 Annos Reposado which was 100% Agave. I seem to recall the price point was about $15 on sale and I found the bottle lurking in the bar. I bought this Tequila for Margaritas and never really enjoyed the flavor because it was so boring. Turns out it’s a Beam brand and I’m not sure who came up with the bright idea someone would really like a boring Reposado even at a sub $20 price point. I mixed two Margaritas over the weekend and both were boring and devoid of Tequila character. I’d have had better success using Cuervo Gold since it at least has some flavor even if it isn’t good Tequila. I’d suggest if you see the 100 Annos on the shelf you not get too close in case you spontaneously started to cry after it bores you to tears. Save yourself the heartache and buy something else worthy of your time. Thumbs down.