…at the Lexington Avenue Brewery until someone cleans it up! It appears the band Young And In The Way won’t be invited back to the LAB anytime soon after they made a bloody mess of the stage Sunday night. I’m not sure how much the band was to be paid, but I’d think the LAB will own them if they decide to go that route. Why the heck would a band think it is acceptable to ruin a brewpub by pouring blood all over the stage. Even if that is your shtick do it in an area or a venue where it can be easily cleaned. Heck, how about putting down some plastic on the stage. Oh that’s right, it’s dangerous, kinda like pigs blood in a restaurant/brewery. I gotta feeling these guys have played their last gig in most NC venues. I know I wouldn’t let them in my establishment without an up front retainer for cleaning which would probably be more than their take of the door. There is bound to be a garage or basement they can demolish somewhere.