On a whim I decided to purchase a bottle of Lunazul Reposado for making margaritas, mainly based on the price point. At around $15 on sale I just couldn’t see how it would be a bad decision for 100% Agave Reposado Tequila. Turns out it was an excellent decision. My norm is Cuervo Tradicional at something like 20 beans, but I actually think I may like the Lunazul more. In truth I am not drinking Tequila on the rocks unless it is high-end, but perhaps I should and give this puppy a whirl. Next month the Lunazul Anejo goes on sale for $19 and to find an Anejo worth a flip for less than $30 is rare. I know I have paid over $60 for a really great bottle of Anejo. Turns out Lunazul was started by a family which once owned a stake in Cuervo, but sold it while retaining their agave fields. They entered the marked in a bit of a no man’s land of price points above the crap which poses for Tequila, but below the premium market. I may have found a new house Tequila.