I’ve already started to hear the buzzwords coming from gun control activists. You know the phrase, “We need common sense gun control.” I cringe every time I hear it because generally the person making the statement doesn’t have much of it. They are parroting something they heard in the media from the mouth of a politician and we all know the amount of common sense you can find in politics today. The recent murders in California have brought the buzzwords out of hiding and it won’t be long until Senator Frankenstein starts up her rhetoric once again. Keep in mind once you do hear it that magazine restrictions are already in effect in CA and they did nothing to stop the crimes of this deranged individual. His firearms were purchased legally with the required background checks so that did nothing to stop him from obtaining the firearms. So what exactly are these common sense gun control laws people keep mentioning? In the past the battle cry has been background checks and magazine restrictions and neither did a darn thing to stop this crime. Since he stabbed three men to death and ran over several people with a car it seems nothing would have stopped him from committing this crime even if you took the legally obtained and registered gun with a restricted magazine from his hand. Even if gun legislation focuses on the mentally ill, this individual had never been flagged in the system so he would have still been able to pass his background check. I just don’t see any law being devised which would have stopped this crime before it happened.