I happened to catch Face The Nation on Sunday and the lead story was the tragedy in California where the lunatic stabbed three people to death, shot and killed three people and then hospitalized 13 others using his car and firearms as weapons. On the report Major Garrett led with the statement made by one of the students murdered in California. In his speech the father blamed the government and the NRA for his son’s death. You may think my post today is about that statement and you’d be wrong. The father is grieving and is looking for someone to blame for the loss of his son. Instead of pointing to the madman in the black BMW he lashed out at the government and NRA.

What I want to focus on today is Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal and his comments. In a nutshell the Senator said legislation which was moving forward several years ago would have stopped this massacre. I fail to see how it would have done anything. The legislation involved those evil black rifles and no rifles were used in this crime. It started with stabbings which presumably used some type of knife and escalated to using pistols and a car for the mayhem. Perhaps he was thinking a magazine restriction would have stopped the violence. The Sheriff reported all the firearms utilized were legal and registered. California has a magazine law which will only allow magazines to be sold which will hold 10 rounds or less. Since our murderer was only 22 he would have been required to have only those magazines in order to be legal and the Sheriff said he was legal. Perhaps the good Senator was thinking of some type of mental health legislation which didn’t pass. No, since there was no such legislation on the table, it could not have been that, so what was he thinking? Truth is, he wasn’t. There was no pending legislation which would have done a darn thing to stop this tragedy. Two of the weapons used by this madman are things almost every person in America has, knives and cars and both can be lethal. He did have three 9mm pistols according to reports, but they were purchased and possessed legally.

What this madman did was kill three people by stabbing them to death and three people by shooting. He injured eight people with his gunfire and hit four with his car. One additional person was injured, but at this time it is unclear how they sustained their injuries. Perhaps Senator Blumenthal didn’t have all the facts prior to his statements, imagine that, someone speaking before they have any clue what they are talking about, but I think he saw an opportunity to forward an agenda and he took it. I believe when all the dust settles off this tragedy the focus will be the guns and the NRA and the rest, knives and his BMW, will be long forgotten.

I’m not smart enough to figure out how to stop something like this from happening. I’m sure someone out there is saying get rid of all the firearms. Even if that happened three men would still be stabbed to death and four hit by his car. Maybe we should get rid of knives and cars? Was this the legislation you mentioned Senator?