I saw a report on Inside Edition of the dangers of limousines and they featured one limo which caught fire with a group of ladies out for a bachelorette party inside late last year. All five young ladies perished in the flames and smoke and from what I saw on a video shot by people passing by no one was assisting them to get out. I’m not delusional enough to believe had I been on that bridge I could have saved them, but I darn sure would have tried. I was trying to think what I might have had handy to break the glass further up in the limo and you can probably see where I am heading already, a gun. In watching the video it appeared the front of the limo was not engulfed in flames and the glass could have been breached using a blunt object or a few well placed rounds. I’m sure an act like that would have landed me in a chair somewhere asking some questions, but if it got even one of those ladies to safety it would have been worth it.

It’s easy to armchair quarterback something like this after the fact and more difficult when you are in the situation. In truth I’ve pulled someone from a burning building once and not long ago came across a house on fire and ran around the neighborhood asking others to evacuate. I’m not a fireman, but it’s what I would expect someone to do for me. So yet another reason to carry a firearm with the end result to protect life and limb.

One final though about whomever shot the YouTube video. It appeared you sped away instead of trying to help. Shame on you.