Last night I opened a bottle of Bear Republic Apex Special IPA and I must say after a tiring week it was a nice bottle to savor.  I was hoping to find a long description and history for the 8.95% double IPA, but the only real bit of information on their website is the IBU level is 100. The description doesn’t say much either

Apex: The Highest point, the culmination or climax. In racing, the apex of a turn is approached differently as conditions dictate, but always with a forward looking mindset. This beer is a culmination of years of brewing and drinking hop forward IPAs. We reserve the right to move forward, to advance the style to the next Apex.

Then I noticed the beer took a GABF Silver back in 2006 and realized this brew has been around for quite some time. I really enjoyed the beer, mainly because it was never over the top. The aroma was citrus, but it was not in your face citrus, more muted and blended with a nice malt backbone. The flavor had an awesome balance of malt and hops and the citrusy bittering was well executed. The finish was heading toward dry and lingered pleasantly all the way to the finality of the aftertaste. I’m not sure where this has been all my life, but it was at the right place and the right time last night. If you spot it, grab it up and give it a whirl. Looks like it was only distributed to 11 states so it might not be the easiest bottle to procure, but you can use their Bear Tracker to find it at a bottle shop or pub near you.