My very first pistol was a Ruger GP100 and I still love and cherish that 6″ .357 Magnum beast. I see them listed quite often on wish lists and have to say if you have not shot a GP100, you have not lived. Little kick in the heavy beast and highly accurate. Despite hitting the six bill cost they still are affordable in the grand scheme of things. Personally I’m old school and don’t care for the newer Hogue Monogrip grips, but it probably makes the gun even more fun to shoot. The old grips were cool because you could change out the grip panels, of course most of us never did. My GP100 still looks like it came out of the box with the exception of the turn line on the cylinder. The beauty of the Ruger is even if you ran out of bullets you could still throw it at someone. If you don’t own a GP100, you should. That is all. 😉

New Grips

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Old Grips