The other day GEARHOG sent a solicitation for a deal on SAFE-DRAW and I thought it might be interesting to get it at the low price point and see what my thoughts were. I had never heard of it before so after looking at their website I see it is a piece you mount on the Glock trigger guard which increases the trigger pull for the first round and each subsequent round is the normal trigger. I don’t really see the need for it, but the idea is to stop accidental discharge when holstering or other activities. So I ordered the kit for $9.95 and it indicated shipping would take up to 10 days, no bid deal.

A package arrived yesterday in the mail and it is a small manila envelope which contained a zip bag with the pieces and zero instructions. It had a packing slip with minimal information which made me question if it even came from SAFE-DRAW so I went back to GEARHOG and sure enough it is direct from the company. I’m not upset it came in a manila envelope or that the packing list had little to no information on it. What I’m perturbed about is no instructions. None, nada, zilch. They do have an email address listed on the GEARHOG receipt and a website so I can probably figure it out, but I should not have to figure it out, it should come with instructions for proper installation. My current impression is they get an F for allowing someone to potentially install something incorrectly. At the very minimum place installation instructions on the website.

More to come.