Happened upon a USA Today article which indicates the Pentagon plans to destroy $1.2 billion (with a B) worth of ammunition. The article goes on to discuss antiquated systems and procedures which do not allow tracking and a myriad of other things. What bothers me is why would we destroy viable munitions without taking the time to inventory and inspect the stockpile. Sure it would take time and effort, but it would be a heck of a lot cheaper than going out and buying new stock. Let’s assume we inspect every single bullet, with an average cost of one dollar, and it takes 5 seconds to determine if it is good or not. That would take 6 billion seconds or 100 million minutes or 1.7 million hours or 69,444 days. Somewhere out there we have troops in training who need something to keep them busy. One hour of training and grab some of our 1.4 million active duty or 850k reserve troops and knock it out. I calculated to look at every single bullet, but in reality they could probably just look at case of 1,000. If that is the case then 69k days becomes 69 days. I ask you, what is more intelligent, putting manpower toward an inspection and inventory or destruction of 1.2 billion in assets?