In the local store I happened upon a Primator Premium Lager from Pivovar Náchod in the Czech Republic. When I first opened the 5% ABV beer I was floored by the aroma coming out of the glass. I have an interesting quirk in my aromatic perceptive abilities. Saaz hops to me have a mercaptan aromatic when the aroma is first being released from the beer with the carbonic acid of the carbonation. I have learned if that aroma lessens then it is Saaz hops, and if it is strong the beer is skunked. In this case the aroma was hops and it was ridiculous, but it lessened by the time the head fell back. If there was any particular issue with this beer it was head retention. The flavor was decidedly bitter with a nice malty aspect. At first I was thinking too bitter, but in time I found it quite refreshing. By the time I had almost drained the glass I could detect just a hint of diacetyl in the flavor. I was enamored enough by this beer to suggest it should be included as an example in the Bohemian Pilsner style guidelines. I doubt it will be included in the cut, but if you are looking for a good example of the style, this is one to seek out.