Since Ommegang left me hanging I had to find Fire And Blood Red Ale at the bottle shop. Of course I had to get all three, I think that is what they were after when they created the labels. Luckily the price of admission was reasonable so I brought all three of the boyz home. Before you go crazy and think it is a Belgian red ale, it is not. The 6.8% ABV beer is fruity with some spice, but definitely not Belgian in nature. The focus is malt derived esters and hop bittering/flavor. The hops are European in origin and as a result lead an earthy and spicy character to the beer.

Of course the tie in with Game Of Thrones is the selling point. While this is a tasty red ale, it is probably not a tasty red ale I would have purchased three bottles of if the labels had not drawn me in. Of course you never know. I purchased only a single bottle of Iron Throne and regret I was not able to get more. We’ll see how Fire And Blood develops over time. Perhaps a second bottle on the night of the finale of GoT is in order.