Last night I removed the bail and cork from a bottle of Ommegang Take The Black Stout. The last time I had this was November at a stout tasting and at that time it reminded me of a black saison. Well let me tell you a little time did this one well. The flavors melded and it became a very effervescent stout, but with lots of chocolate and coffee flavors and highly drinkable. I’m not sure why the 7% ABV beer was released at a time when Game Of Thrones was not airing new episodes, so I held on to the bottle until last night since the new season begins tonight. What is interesting is you probably can still find this here or there on the shelf if you look as opposed to Iron Throne Blonde Ale where I only ever found a single bottle. Hey Ommegang, bring back Iron Throne so I can have it again! If you do see Take The Black I’d suggest you give it a whirl. It’s a nice effervescent stout and well worth the price of admission.