Yesterday a student at a rural high school in the foothills of North Carolina was arrested for bringing a gun to school. In today’s society we immediately think he was planning mayhem and needed to be put behind bars for the safety of the school and to protect the student from himself. I can see why we think that way, but let me paint another picture. If you didn’t grow up in the rural foothills you probably didn’t own a shotgun as a teen and go squirrel hunting on a moments notice. I remember being a teen and everyone had a gun rack with a rifle or shotgun in it as they came to school. Generally they had been hunting prior to going to school or were planning to go after. So you’re a teen who went hunting in the afternoon and forgot to remove the firearm from the car before going to school. You get the call to go to the office and once there they ask if you have a gun in the car. You then remember the firearm from the day before and reply yes and try to explain the situation, but it is too late due to zero tolerance.

I honestly don’t know the full situation of the shotgun in the car, but what I do know is the one in the hand of the police officer is a single shot break action shotgun. This is not the type of firearm one would choose if planning to do maximum damage. I’m not saying you cannot fire several shots in a short period of time, but IME it is less than ideal. Here is a YouTube video of someone trying to rapid fire a single barrel, notice he eventually locked it up so tight he could not open the action. I hope when the charges come forward the teen will get a suspended sentence, community service, probation, and his record cleared after he meets the terms set by the judge. What this kid did I also did as a kid, the difference was when I did it there was no law against having a shotgun in the car on school property.