Someone recently posted a really bad example of a score sheet on Facebook. So bad in fact it is worthy of a blog post. I almost wish the judge information was not redacted so I could contact them to tell them what a lousy job they did and that they should probably reconsider whether or not they want to continue as a beer judge at future competitions. They marked Certified so I am assuming they are, but it could have been an error. I noticed the Category is 12, but Strong Scotch is in Category 9 so something is odd about the entire thing. It’s evident how poor this score sheet is so I probably do not need to go into detail.

What I do want to ask is how a competition let this slide? There were two judges on the panel and assuming the author of this sheet was not the Head Judge then they should have been encouraged by the other judge on the panel to create a quality sheet. The other judge and the steward should have pointed out the stylistic grid was left blank and needed to be filled in. I’m not sure if the descriptor definitions were marked, but if not that should have been corrected. Then the Judge Director and Organizer of the competition should have given a quick over the shoulder review during the competition to ensure quality sheets were being created.

If this is your sheet, feel free to step up to the plate and explain why it is so poor. If this is your competition, feel free to step up to the place and explain how this slipped through the cracks. If this is the type of sheet you have been creating you must know you can do better. Since you know it, do it!

Bad Score