Sometimes I run into people who think they can size me up at first glance. I was in a shop yesterday and the guys were doing an excellent job of trying to find out what I wanted, but every time they guessed they were so far off the mark it wasn’t even funny. They pulled out a beautiful Dan Wesson 1911 which would have been a joy to own, but I would have needed to take out a second mortgage just to afford the down payment. I was dressed nicely, but when they pressed me as to what I was looking for I said a Star Model B and you could see the puzzled look on their face. Then I went on to explain the Star was a Spanish firearm similar to a 1911, but I wanted it in 9mm. They were all over the surplus market a few years ago, but now I rarely see them pop up in stores.

I checked out the inventory and then made another sweep around to check out the wheel guns. Another employee asked what I wanted and I explained I had most of the firearms they had in the case. Then he proceeded to whip out a Smith & Wesson revolver chambered for .45 ACP with moon clips and the most awful looking grips on the planet. I’m just not into the moon clips and even with different grips this would still have been an ugly firearm. My tastes are about as random and I doubt anyone could predict what I would and would not like especially by just trying to size me up by the cut of my cloth.

I’m old school, I like revolvers and lever actions. I like interesting firearms and while I own several mainstream offerings I tend to go off the rails at times. Needless to say I am not your normal firearm shopper and since I already have a Glock I don’t see any reason to own a second Glock at the moment. I realize there are several variations and calibers, but my Glock doesn’t feel lonely because it doesn’t have a companion. It gets along just fine with everybody else on its own. Maybe I should carry around my wishlist so people will know what I am currently after. That might save a bunch of time and energy. My current wishlist looks something like this:

  • SAA – .44-40
  • Uberti Buntline – .44-40
  • 1873 Winchester – .44-40
  • Ruger Alaskan – .454 Casull
  • Star Model B – 9 mm
  • Ruger Red Label – 12 gauge
  • Benelli Ethos – 12 gauge
  • Rossi Rio Grande – .410