Not too long ago I bought a bottle of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve when it went on sale. I really enjoy Knob Creek so I was thinking this one would be even better. As it turns out this one is good, but it ain’t all that and a bag of chips. I’m gonna guess I spent $40 on this one and regular old Knob Creek scratches the itch of $10 less. It’s not as boozy as the 120 proof (60% ABV) would have you believe and is actually quite smooth. It has an underlying earthiness which I find quite pleasant and I agree with their website on the vanilla, smoke and nuts. I also find a bit of spice in the flavor. What I don’t have with this one is my socks lying across the floor. If I had to choose between this and Four Roses Single Barrel the Four Roses at $35 gets the nod each and every time. So unless this pops up for less than standard Knob Creek or you feel the need to satisfy your curiosity I would pass on this one since there are better single barrel variants out there for less money.