Last year an inattentive mom and gun owner with a CHP was in Staples and her two-year old was playing inside her purse. When the mom realized her firearm was in the purse she pulled the tots hand out of the purse and discharged her firearm in the process. She was not charged in the incident.

Recently a group called Moms Demand Action decided to protest outside the Staples in Wake Forest, NC. In total six women came and two babies in strollers. It was quite a gathering according to The Wake Weekly, “The situation was monitored by four police vehicles and the eight attendees (including the little tikes) were all well covered by the media with two television crews and a print outlet.”  Now because it’s television news they never show the group and only interview a single mom of the six adults who came. The reality is they were not allowed to protest on the property and the police ensured they kept their distance. Staples does a decent business, but they would have had a much larger audience taking the fight next door to PetSmart. Anyway, here is the video.

There have been efforts underway in the form of a petition to get Staples to not allow firearms in the store, but thus far only 11,000 people nationwide have signed the petition. Since Staples has more than 2,000 locations that means there are about six people per location who are passionate about not allowing legally concealed firearms into Staples. Remind me again how many people showed up to the protest…