The news broke over the weekend that Piers Morgan Live is being cancelled by CNN due to a floundering audience. They have not yet decided the date of the final show, but stick a fork in it, it’s done! Morgan has been a tirade regarding gun control for the past 15 months or more. He has become a bully during interviews and asks guests questions and then does not allow them to answer or dismisses correct statements entirely. What Morgan fails to realize is he is a guest in our country. He cannot vote, in fact he has no right to free speech since he is not a US Citizen. I guess it could be argued CNN has a right to freedom of the press and chooses to use Morgan to express that right, but Morgan is really in the country as a legal alien on a work visa. So in the end Morgan didn’t catch the clue people were not smelling what he was cooking and his show will bite the dust soon. Hopefully as a result Morgan will decide to go back across the pond to stay.