As I was perusing a liquor store in another state I spied a bottle of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked peeking off the end of the shelf. The stores in this state generally have a cash price and a credit price which is two to three percent higher. On this particular shelf tag the cash price was $49.99 and the credit was $49.91. Needless to say I paid with a credit card and saved eight cents.

Last night I decided to see what Woodford Double Oaked was all about. Anyone who has read the blog realizes Woodford is not a favorite of mine. I have a friend who thought quite a bit of the Double Oaked so I was holding out hope this was 50 beans well spent. The aroma on the Bourbon was darn nice with a strong presence of oak as well as a boozy character. The flavor is, well, Woodford Reserve with more oak. It’s boozy and alcoholic with that same acidity I find unpleasant in the standard version. For me it just isn’t a home run. I do like it better than the standard version, but did not find it worth the price of admission. Unless you are a Woodford fan I suggest you pass this one up realizing it’s good, but it ain’t $50 good. I don’t mind spending half that sum and finding out a bottle wasn’t my cup of tea, but I could buy two bottles of Bourbon I appreciate much more for what this oaky mess cost. Yeah, in case you cannot tell, I’m a little bitter. At least I have more Bourbon to put in the Old Fashioned Ginger. 😉