Some time back I spotted a bottle of W.L. Weller Antique 107 on the shelf at a local ABC store. I was not very familiar with this beast and the reviews online were difficult to find for some reason so with a $23 price point I figured I didn’t have too much to lose. Turns out the brands is part of the Buffalo Trace Distillery and that may explain why it wasn’t too shabby. Unfortunately I should have honed in on the 107 as being the proof. The flavor on this one is quite tasty, but the alcohol burn is just not my cup of tea. So for flavor this gets high marks, for alcohol restraint it doesn’t make the grade. No worried, I have a solution for that. Now if you are a fan of Booker’s, this would be something you would really enjoy. I find the alcohol in Booker’s to be off-putting, whereas the alcohol in Antique is more mildly annoying.

Weller has two other bottles in their lineup. I’ll have to give Special Reserve and 12 Year a whirl when I run into them. Truthfully I’ve not found much out of the Buffalo Trace Distillery I don’t like, so I’m not opposed to giving something they produce a chance at greatness. If you see a bottle of Antique, don’t be afraid, it’s a bit hot, but worth the price of admission.