So this morning I got to thinking about what was the best beer I ever had and why. My choice might surprise you, it was a Coors. Here is the reason why. I was on a Bachelor Party weekend with some guys whitewater rafting in West Virginia. The water was icy cold, probably less than 50 degrees and we were all a little bit under the weather from the festivities of the night before. About halfway through our trip we hit a hydraulic and it flipped our guide out of the boat. One of the guys grabbed his leg and pulled him back in, but he had so much water rush up his nose that it immediately ruptured the vessels in his nose and he was bleeding like a stuck pig. Due to the bleeding he continually was holding his nose with one hand and guiding us with the other. We were having a heck of a good time otherwise and near the end of the journey as we came under the New River Gorge Bridge, you know the bridge, the one they base-jump off of, we hit a particular nasty hydraulic in a rapids known as Fayette Station. The raft was sucked down and flipped over backwards and our guide was able to climb on top of the raft and ride out of the rapids. The four of us were underneath the boat and as you probably know under a raft every direction is a way out. Two of the guys were able to get out of the current and in to shore. Another friend and myself were trapped in the current and I was sucked under multiple times by the current. The friend was swept downstream several hundred yards and rescued with a throw line. I was just about drowned and this robust woman in another raft pulled my half-drowned butt in to the safety of their boat. I coughed up water for a long time afterwards and once they dropped me on shore I pretty much collapsed. Later as we were leaving on the bus they handed me a Coors and after nearly drowning it tasted like manna from heaven.

What’s funny is I’d go back whitewater rafting in an instant, but don’t really care to have another Coors. 😉