I recently found a bottle of the Iron Maiden inspired beer from Robinsons Brewery named Trooper so last night I decided to pop the top. Eddie is front and center on the label of this 4.7% ABV bitter and unlike most bitters, this puppy is actually bitter. When it was first poured and I was snapping the photo the banana ester was so strong I was worried this may be monkey juice. As it turned out that was just a passing fancy. The beer finished bone, bone, bone dry and with that lasting bitterness Eddie tells you he’s not sweet at all. Don’t let that worry your pretty little head any since the beer is low alcohol so dry just means it started at a somewhat low gravity. The aroma esters and hops was fairly nice and not overpowering. Don’t get me wrong, this is not the best beer on the planet, but if you are an Iron Maiden fan then I am confident Eddie would tell you to get some. 😉