I don’t know why I am continually amazed at the lack of intelligence exhibited by those who work in the media, but every time I think I’ve seen the depths dullness can reach someone dives to new levels. I recently read an editorial from South Carolina entitled Armed, untrained and cruising the bars. In it the author puts forth a scenario where it is late night and you are in a bar and the person across from you reaches into their pocket and you shoot at them missing them and hitting someone else. What planet does this person live on? They are writing about the good folks of South Carolina, but they must actually reside in bizzaro world. Let’s talk about what is wrong with this picture. What the heck is someone doing hanging out in a bar in “the early morning hours?” I supposed they could be the designated driver for someone or there to grab a late night bite, but the author of the editorial makes it seem as if they are intoxicated at a bar carrying a firearm. The focus of her editorial is S.308 which is a SC bill to allow the carry of a firearm concealed in businesses which serve alcohol.

So let’s review all the reported incidents of foul play by concealed permit holders which have occurred in North Carolina since the law was changed in October 2013 to allow the carry of firearms into establishments which serve alcohol.

<Crickets Chirping>

So what the author sees as the coming apocalypse and wild west will ultimately be nothing. She thinks there will be blood in the streets, but chooses to overlook the portion of the law which, similar to the NC law, does not allow the person with a concealed permit to consume alcohol while concealing. So that person will be stone cold sober and while they may choose to be in an establishment they will be the most sober person in the room. In the end the truth will prevail, the law will pass, and law-abiding citizens will continue to be law-abiding citizens just as they were before the change in the law. I wonder if the author will admit she was wrong, somehow I doubt it, chicken little always thought the sky was falling and tried to convince others it was falling. In the end the sky didn’t fall, but chicken little and those who had been convinced the end was near by chicken little ended up falling prey to a fox. Maybe the author should stop “cruising the bars,” or better yet imbibe a bit less before writing editorials.