As you may already be aware, PayPal is not gun friendly. They do not allow transactions involving firearms and magazines. So what’s a boy to do? Typically the funds have to be some form of cash in today’s society. Unfortunately it has come to the point a personal check is rarely acceptable. Most of the time credit cards require additional fees and individuals rarely have the means to accept a card. The choices are then cash which is always king, a money order where the only way you can get it is by going to the USPS since other money orders may not be valid, or a bank check (certified or cashier’s). The second piece of that puzzle is the check or money order has to travel to the destination which generally requires an envelope and a stamp. Most of the time the USPS is good about delivering the mail, but occasionally the funds just don’t reach the destination in a timely fashion.

Recently I purchased a small item from a gentleman a few hours away. Rather than making the drive we arranged for the payment via check and I mailed the check to him that day. I could have mailed cash, but that is a bad idea. I also could have went to the USPS and purchased a money order. What I should have done is mailed a check through my bank instead of a letter. At any rate we are heading into the second week and the check has still not reached a destination.

So somebody please come up with a gun friendly PayPal equivalent. The ones I have seen thus far have overpriced fees and just don’t scratch the itch. PayPal needs some competition and it needs to be gun friendly. Get on it already!