The buzz as of late has been surrounding a new bullet from G2R called RIP (Radically Invasive Projectile). There are several YouTube videos of it being tested and fired and you can look them up. The bullet is machined to have channels so the tip can fragment into eight pieces and spread upon impact. Forgive me for not being excited.

I just don’t see the purpose in this ammo. The company touts the penetration and personally I think defensive ammo penetration should be able to penetrate heavy clothing, but do I really need shards to spread once it does? The data indicates no matter what the caliber by the time two shots hit the assailant they are either incapacitated or they give up.  That’s all I really want is to stop the threat. Luckily most handgun bullets do not kill, only about 1 in 7 (we’ve been over this before). I’m thinking a center of mass shot with these might change those numbers dramatically as the fragments would stand a better chance of hitting something vital which would end life.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see any reason to outlaw or regulate the cartridge, I just don’t see the need. If you want some I believe the price will come in about $5 per cartridge. On GunBroker they started at $2.20 per cartridge, but the prices are running over $12 per cartridge ($255+ship per box of 20). While I’m not excited about the cartridge itself, someone is to be willing to pay that price. Maybe I should pick up a box and put it on GunBroker and retire early.