The 2014 NRA Instructor discounts are starting to arrive and I noticed a price increase for this year and for those of us in NC sales tax will also be added. One of the firearms I purchased last year and will pick up from the FFL today was a rifle. With the FFL fees the total came to $700. If I had waited until the list arrived this year and paid the increase, the sales tax, and the FFL fees the same rifle would now be $830. A shop I have purchased from in the past is out of stock, but has priced the rifle for $750 and shipping to my FFL would be $17 and FFL fees $20 for a grand total of $787. I applaud Ruger for the program and support of instructors, but if the price turns out to be higher than I can get elsewhere I’ll have to purchase from the source which affects my wallet the least. On the bright side in either case Ruger is paid for their firearm. Luckily I didn’t notice anything else on the list this year which speaks to me so I won’t feel like I missed out.