I must admit I don’t own a Remington pistol. Over the past few years Remington ammo, especially rimfire, has been hit or miss (pun intended as always). I noticed they are releasing a new pistol in February which is going to start as a single stack 9mm and has some neat features an appearance I kinda dig. The safety is a grip safety and from what I can tell the trigger is closer to that of a 1911. There would be nothing worse than to be in a defensive situation and forget to drop off the safety so a grip safety immediately eliminates the potential issue. I’ve not seen one other than in pictures or video and I’m interested to see how it actually looks, feels, and performs. Compared to the Ruger LC9 (which I personally do not like based on the ergonomics) or the S&W Shield it is smaller. Actually it is almost identical in size to the LC9, but the trigger guard makes it smaller. The gun will also accept different grip panels so you can customize your single stack. I think all that is pretty cool. I may not be first in line to pick one up, but you can be sure I will be looking over their shoulder to see what all the fuss is about. 😉

Here is a report on the R51.

Here is a YouTube video of the R51.