…but at the Niagara Falls Reporter we make stuff up.

The BJCP Facebook page had a link posted to an article written by Frank Parlato which was entitled Dyster’s Brewmaster Buddy Now a Convicted Federal Felon, Embezzler. The article has some moments of clarity, but in it Frankie boy is trying to say a local politician is corrupt because the Bill Slack, once the BJCP Treasurer, embezzled the money. It’s a guilt by association. What Frankie Goes To Hollywood fails to realize is there are other judges who were in the program at the same time who could also be listed in the article simply because they were part of the program at the time, myself included. In reality most BJCP judges never meet one another unless it is at the AHA Conference or at a judging event. Perhaps the judge being smeared in Frankenstein’s article did know or met Bill Slack, but I doubt it.

To be fair there are portions of the article which are correct, but in it is enough BS that it doesn’t pass the sniff test. I’m not quite sure what led the author to pen the article, but I hope he comes across this little blog and has the cojones to defend his drivel. I’ll just go from start to finish and detail some of the inaccuracies and falsehoods.

First sentence – (note I was going to say paragraph, but it only has a sentence)
The BJCP does not award anything, the examinees take an exam and pass to achieve their ranks.

Second sentence – (again, not a paragraph)
Bill Slack was never great and he is no longer a judge.

Third and fourth sentence – (Do two sentences together make a paragraph?)
The BJCP never ceased to exist as was implied, the BJCP was no longer supported at that time by the HBWTA and AHA.

Fifth sentence
No one thought the BJCP had died.

Note – not sure of any of the history of Dyster (the person being smeared)

Lost count of the sentences
It is not a test, it is and was an exam. There were two parts, written and taste.

Slack did not dispense with the office of Vice-President, that office did not exist until 2003. (The Truth Is Always Missing)

Slack did not do the work of three men, at that time the President and Treasurer were one and the same. Check the Board history you douche.

Again, Slack did not advance the judges, they advanced themselves in the program.

I don’t believe Slack was ever thanked for his services and no pages have been rewritten to my knowledge. Maybe Franky has proof of his allegation of a cover up. Nahh, that would mean he was printing the truth.

I’m not sure Slack ever went to jail.

There’s probably more, but IMO that is enough to show this article is garbage. And since Frank likes guilt by association that must mean the rest of his rag is garbage as well. Good to know I’ll have something to wrap fish in if I find myself in the Niagara Falls area, or if the SHTF I can always use it as toilet paper.