Hopefully someone out there in cyber land can help a brother out. I currently have one glass I use for Bourbon on the rocks and it was either a jam jar or candle in its previous life. You see I use one large cube of ice when I mix a drink or have Bourbon on ice and by huge I mean about 2 1/2″ edge to edge. What that means is I need a glass which is about 3″ in diameter and I like it to be able to hold at least 9 or 10 ounces with 12 being better. I’ve scoured the internet looking at highball glasses and old fashioned glasses and just haven’t found what I am after. Crate and Barrel seems to have a few which might fit the bill, but I have not stopped in a store to be sure. It looks like what I am after is a double old fashioned glass. I’d like the top to be round, the base can be round or square and if the glass is embellished or etched I would prefer that not rise above the bottom third. I know I could have my drink out of a solo cup or a mason jar, but there’s something special about mixing a drink in a nice glass. Doncha think?