Came across an online Black Friday “deal” for a blemished firearm with a standard warranty from the manufacturer. The firearms are refurbished to original condition, but may have a cosmetic blemish. No problem I thought, let’s roll with it. The price is $75 less than the lowest retail price so it seems like a good deal. Like everything you have to peel the onion further. $5 to have the shipment insured. Without the insurance the firearm is on you if damaged in transit. Personally I think this is BS, but ok. Now our savings is $70. Then there is a pesky 3% fee for using a credit card so in this case the added charge is around $10. Since this is an online deal the firearm must be transferred through and FFL. Let’s call that $20. So our savings is now $40. Nothing to scoff at, but $40 off a gun which is refurbished and may have cosmetic defects to me is no longer a deal. I prefer to only have to add in my FFL fees when conducting business online and while nothing this vendor did was sneaky, it sure seems as if they try to tack on a fee everywhere they can. I guess I could ship the gun without insurance and find a way to mail them a check to get the price, but when a deal evaporates you have to decide whether to buy or walk away. I think in this case I’ll let it ride and my loss can be a gain for someone else.