I gotta admit when I am wrong, and boy was I ever wrong. The beauty this time is no one knew but me, but after some reflection I thought it best to come clean. There is a variety of rifle called the Bullpup. Essentially is it where the magazine is behind the trigger group and so the barrel is pushed backward to create a shorter firearm which is still classified as a rifle. Personally I think these short beasties are some of the ugliest firearms on the planet and had pretty much written them off until I happened to be watching this week’s episode of The Blacklist entitled “Anslo Garrick”. I won’t give away the plot, but in it they are clearing some close quarters and Liz is using what appears to me to be a FN2000. It was then that I realized the error of my ways.

To clear a building room by room pretty much requires the person to change position or move the rifle up and down when going into or out of doorways. With the bullpup the rifle can stay in position ready to engage the target and still be relatively close to the body. It’s not perfect, but with less of the firearm sticking out gives the ability to more quickly change direction than if you had a traditional design sticking out. I’ve never been in the military or police, but I do know if I was clearing a building this would be something on my wish list.

FWIW – I still think they are ugly as sin, but now I realize what purpose they serve.