About two weeks ago I was ready to give up on finding Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc in the store. Then yesterday I happened across it by accident. I knew that chain had sold it in the past, but was shocked to see it on the shelf. Even more shocking was when I grabbed two bottles not paying attention and when I got to the register found out they were different vintages. I really don’t think inexpensive whites have particular years to seek out, typically you drink each vintage because eventually they will turn south. I am hoping neither of these bottles is problematic, but I’ll be drinking the older vintage sooner rather than later. It is nice to know where this wine is hiding in NC and I would let you in on the secret, but that would ruin my supply. It looked like they had several cases so I doubt they will run out before I need another bottle and at the rate we drink wine that could certainly be awhile. I’ve left a clue where in the world you can find the wine if you are interested. All you have to do is picture it.