For some reason this morning I got to thinking about reloads and personal defense. Probably because I organized my ammunition this weekend, or because I just watched a pretty cool video of a shotgun shell loaded with tracer rounds. Anyway, I’m going to suggest you do not use reloads as your defensive ammo unless you are an experienced reloader. I certainly would not bet my life on reloads purchased from various ammo suppliers. I’ve been at the range when a person had a squib load with reloads, in fact every time I have heard of a squib load the shooter was using reloads. Is that really what you want when you absolutely must have the cartridge fire?

I think reloads are great and have never had a problem with using reloaded handgun loads in revolvers. Where I tend to see more issues is semi-automatic pistols and lets face it the vast majority of concealed firearms are semi-automatic. Where I never seem to hear of issues is with rifle and shotgun cartridges. I’m starting to believe the people reloading those are experienced while those reloading handgun cartridges may be new to the reloading bench. Don’t get me wrong, I would shoot whatever I had in a bad scenario, but if I was loading to be prepared it is going to be a factory loaded ammo I know and trust. Look at it this way, the only gun you have to carry is a .22LR and you have the choice between Remington Golden Bullet or CCI MiniMags, which would you choose. The unreliable crap that is Golden Bullet or CCIs which go bang each and every time?

Now if you are veteran with reloading and have 100% confidence in your cartridges then by all means rock on, but if you are new to the game I suggest you purchase high quality ammo as your defensive ammunition and leave the reloads for target practice.