Recently I picked up a fifth of Four Roses Small Batch when it went on sale for $27. I took a drink the night it arrived and thought it was good, but last night decided to make it the first Bourbon I have had in over a week. I had been a little under the weather and so I decided to take it easy on the alcohol to allow the ailment to pass. For some reason FRSB just didn’t take me there last night. Don’t get me wrong, it was not awful or anything, but it just came off as a bit acidic. It could be my tastebuds need a reboot after some time off the field, but I suspect it’s just the nature of the Bourbon. I’m gonna hit this one again of course since I have a fifth, but I just look at it as good Bourbon, not outstanding Bourbon or one that I prefer. I do tend to like my Bourbon with restrained alcohol and a little sweetness and this one did have a nice level of alcohol, but the sweetness was low if present at all. To me this was much, much better than Woodford, but still just a bit on the harsh side.