Recently I had to move the kegerator out to the garage and so the glasses which had found a home on it needed a new place to stay. Since the bar is pretty much full I figured it was time to thin the herd. I pulled out all the glasses which really don’t have any sentimental value and offered them up to friends. It was quite a pile with enough tasting glasses to host a large party.

If you ask my wife she would tell you I only need enough glasses to have a clean one each night since they could be rinsed. I guess that would ultimately equate to seven. The problem with that philosophy is the shape of the glass effect the aroma and ultimately the flavor of the beer. So you really should have at least a small collection depending upon the beer styles you are sampling. Sure you can get away with an Imperial pint glass for every beer, or a standard pint glass, but how boring and often you will notice the aroma lacking if the glass does not have some shape which drives those aromas to your nose.

So I did recently thin the herd and have no plans to add more to the family, but if a nice one pops up somewhere you never know. 😉