I noticed on Facebook the BJCP is offering an opportunity to name their newsletter which will be starting up soon. The group of people who make up the BJCP is funny to me. A portion never wants any contact, another portion wants someone to reach out and give them a warm fuzzy on a daily basis. There is simply no way to satisfy every segment of the population.

I think the newsletter is a great thing. It will provide contact with the judges and will allow them to receive some news they may overlook or may not have been privy to unless they were on the board. Often people start to see a conspiracy where none exists when they don’t have information, so this should allow those tinfoil hat judges an opportunity to remove the cone head and just judge the beer with the rest of us.

As far as a name, I kinda like FEEDBACK or OVERALL IMPRESSION. If you have a suggestion for the newsletter then join the BJCP Facebook Group and you can offer your suggestion.