I can see the eye rolls from some of the new people who have recently happened upon the blog. All they know of the National Rifle Association is what they read in the newspaper or heard on the television. The NRA is an organization which does so much more than support your Second Amendment rights. They train people like myself who then train others in safe firearm practices or Range Safety Officers. They have student programs like Eddie Eagle or situational awareness programs like Refuse To Be A Victim. If all you believe is the NRA is a political organization you are sadly mistaken. If you somehow hate the NRA then you hate millions of law-abiding citizens who don’t hate you in the least unless you are actively trying to infringe upon Second Amendment rights.

So if you are a gun owner or plan to be one I suggest you join the NRA. Using the linked photo below you can get $10 off the membership price or the renewal price. Now my gripe with the NRA is the volume of mail you may received, but you can opt out. I have detailed how to do that in the past. Besides all the programs the NRA offers and you would be supporting, you will also get a magazine subscription of your choosing and best of all firearms insurance. If you are already a member, please be sure to activate that insurance. I don’t often put a recruitment link on the blog, but I thought we might have some interested individuals lurking around.