Some time back a buddy turned me on to a Richmond, VA distillery named Reservoir. I checked the price at a Richmond liquor store and it was $40 a pint!!! I don’t care how mind-blowing your product is, to me it would not be worth that price of admission. So last night I spotted the pint bottle on the shelf at a restaurant and figured it might be worth seeing what all the fuss was about. My first thought when the neat shot arrived in a sniffer glass was alcohol. Behind that was a nice oak and vanilla, but mostly alcohol. Then I took a drink and the flavor was nice until the alcohol kicked it in and then it ruined the whole party. I shared the shot with a friend and we both agreed this is not something either of us wanted to have again.

Truthfully it reminded me of Bookers and I cared for it just about as much. At $80 a fifth for Reservoir, Booker’s blows the doors off it, but both of them are a hot mess. I’m going to call my buddy later today and tell him just how little I liked the Reservoir. In truth I think he said someone gave him the pint as a gift. I guess for free it wouldn’t be bad, but I still would not really enjoy it and it doesn’t make sense to be mixing something that expensive just so you can finish the bottle. Sorry Reservoir, you’re off my list as well.